The Ultimate USA trip! Part five; Las Vegas

We returned our hire car in Los Angeles and flew to Las Vegas for the last leg of our trip. I can’t deny that I was exhausted. Over three weeks of planes, trains and literally, automobiles had taken their toll and I had to summon all my energy to power through the bright lights of the neon city.

I’ve been to Vegas before, but Sam hadn’t and I was looking forward to seeing it through his eyes. I couldn’t wait to make memories there with him!

When I went for the first time, it was summer and therefore peak season, so the temperatures were scorching hot and dry, pool parties were standard, and the atmosphere was chaotic and lively. Most people are dressed to impress and it’s everything you’d imagine it would be. Completely utterly bonkers.

In contrast, December was much cooler (a jacket was essential in the mornings and evenings), there were still crowds but it felt quieter and less crazy. I couldn’t believe how casually dressed people were! To be honest, I felt overdressed! I never thought I would say that in Vegas. I nearly wished I hadn’t packed so many sequins. Nearly.

 We stayed in MGM Grand on the strip, which was a great base for exploring. We crammed in as much as we could muster, which was commendable considering how drained we were.

Some of our best bits:

The Bellagio

The Christmas display at The Bellagio was superb. I dragged Sam there twice. It was spectacular! And of course, the outdoor fountain show is always terrific.

A gondola ride at The Venetian

We chose an indoor ride, which took us through the Grand Canal Shoppes. I went on an outdoor ride last time but I preferred the indoor ride as it felt more romantic with Sam. It reminded us of when we went to Venice earlier in the year!

The Beatles LOVE Cirque de Soleil at The Mirage

This was recommended to Sam by a friend and I’m so glad we went. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! Uplifting, colourful and fun. The visuals were brilliant, and the music was fantastic, even if you’re not a Beatles fan. I get bored easily in shows (I fell asleep in The Lion King in the West End – oops!) but there was so much going on, it kept me entertained the whole time!

A fun, multi-coloured welcome to the show!
Excited (and yes, tea was my tipple of choice!)

The Freemont Street Experience

We went to the original downtown to see the light shows and catch some street concerts. It has a completely different vibe to the main Vegas strip but it was still cool to see the casinos and signs.

Downtown Las Vegas, here we come!
Howdy, Vegas Vic!

Fabulous Las Vegas sign

One thing I didn’t get to do when I went the the last time is see the Fabulous Las Vegas sign. I was excited for us both to see that together. It was a short bus ride away and there was a queue to have a photo taken in front of it but it didn’t take too long.

Love in LV

Dragon’s Lair gym

Sam really wanted to visit this gym, as it was founded by Flex Lewis, a renowned bodybuilder and7x Mr Olympia champion. He also happens to be Welsh! It was lovely to meet him and his wife Ali, they were so friendly and welcoming. It was worth going to see Sam so happy!

Flexing with Flex

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