Fashion internship at Company magazine, week 3

So, last week was my final week at Company magazine completing a fashion internship! And it was another busy one.

Magazine cover with Zoella on the front
Hello Zoella!

The fashion director Oonagh was busy prepping for the LA shoot so I had to call-in last minute bits and pieces for that from Monday to Wednesday and help pack the suitcases ready for her Thursday flight. We had to make sure everything Oonagh wanted arrived in time so this often meant chasing PRs up via telephone and email to ensure that they had sent the items requested ASAP. Thankfully, everything arrived in time and there were no major dilemmas. Phew! It was amazing how many outfits were taken for the shoot but it made sense because it’s better to have plenty of options than be limited.

Call-ins from fashion PR companies
Just a few items that I called in!

The next intern Amy came in for her induction on the Thursday so Georgia (my fellow fash intern) and I went through everything with her to make sure she knew what she would be doing. I also typed up a handout of useful tips for her to consult if she was uncertain about anything. Fortunately, I’ve worked in a fashion cupboard before so I knew the ropes before I came to Company but it can be daunting if you’ve never done it – there’s loads to take in at first but you get used to it with practise.

As usual, I had to do returns, produce merchandise credits, file look books and help the team in general. On the last day I was given a goody bag by the lovely stylist Laura as a thank you. It had some amazing products in it including Trilogy fake tan and Guerlain lipsticks so I won’t need to go beauty shopping for a while!

A picture of Autumn/Winter lookbooks
A few A/W look books

To conclude, interning at Company magazine has been one of the best internships I’ve done so far. Here’s a list why:

* Expenses are covered. A £12 a day allowance is given which includes travel and lunch. I spent around £100 a week on travel and food as I was coming to and from Essex every day. While the allowance covered less than half of my expenses, it was something. I’ve done several placements which didn’t cover any expenses at all so to have a little bit of money back this time around was better than nothing.

* I was constantly busy. There were always returns to do and prices to find.

* I was surrounded by beautiful clothes every day – both designer and high-street brands. What’s not to love?

* The rest of the staff were really friendly too. They were always laughing and having fun while doing their work – it was inspiring to see them enjoy their job so much.

* Lots of perks. During my internship, there was a huge beauty sale and a jumble sale which meant that I could snap up some major bargains. Plus, I was there in the run up to Easter which meant PR companies sending in loads of sweet treats for the office (hello Creme Egg coma!). I also had a nice goody bag to take home at the end so I can’t complain with that.

Thank you for having me Company – you’ve been a blast!

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