Nice and Natural; the make-up look I love

Most people have their preferences when it comes to make-up. Some like full coverage, some like a light finish. Some like dramatic false lashes, some prefer a sweep of mascara. And so on.

Dimples for days; embracing my lines and no filters

Personally, I love the natural effect. Not only is it easy to achieve but it suits me better. I just don’t look good with heavy make-up. As much as I’ve tried! I like full make-up on others but sadly, it doesn’t do me justice.

I think studying make-up has made me feel like less is more too. Last year, I gained a qualification in beauty consultancy (i.e. make-up artistry) as a hobby after work and it opened my eyes up to different trends, products and techniques.

As fascinating as it was, it made me realise how much I don’t like fuss when it comes to my face. In my opinion, you don’t need to use countless products to contour. You don’t have to wear 10 different eyeshadows to make an impact. Highlight doesn’t always have to be blinding. It’s okay to enhance what you have instead of trying to fake something that’s not there.

Honestly, I’m not having a dig. If you can rock a cut crease, then go for it. If you need to use several creams and powders to create killer cheekbones, do your thing. Want your glow to be seen from outer space? Layer on that highlight.

I’m just saying that you don’t NEED to use loads of make-up to look fabulous. There’s so much pressure to use all these techniques and an arsenal of products when there’s no need. It just takes a few decent products and good application. As long as your make-up is even and blended well, you can’t go far wrong.

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