Why fitness is vital to me and how I’m keeping it up during lockdown

Fitness is an integral part of my life and keeps me sane at the best (and worst!) of times. I’ve been going to the gym at least 3-4 times a week for the past four years, running often and committing to as many fitness classes as possible. Spin is my personal favourite; it’s totally addictive! Anyone else agree?

Yogini in training

This year, I’ve also made a conscious effort to practise yoga as often as I can. Not only for my body, but for my mind too. As someone who lives 100mph, it’s really important for me to slow down and yoga has been fundamental in doing that. Such a cliché but it works wonders for my anxiety. Of course, it doesn’t get rid of it but it does help me manage it better. I’d highly recommend if you find it hard to unwind, like me.

Before the coronavirus lockdown, my physical fitness was at its peak. I was going to the gym regularly, doing four sometimes five spin classes a week (too many perhaps but I was enjoying!), running twice a week and practising yoga every couple of days. I even started ballet classes! Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but resigned myself to being too old. A 30-year-old ballerina?! WHY THE BLOOMIN’ HECK NOT!

But then, my beloved LC gym closed as did my lovely little yoga studio, Urban Zen. And I really struggled to adjust to a life without my usual fitness routine. It wasn’t just the physical part of the exercise I loved, it was booking classes, driving myself there after work, planning my weekends around workouts and seeing the regular faces every time I went. Aw, I wonder how everyone is doing!

Note: I do NOT look like this after exercising

Adjusting to change

Fitness is my way of celebrating the ups, coping with the downs and dealing with everything in-between. There was absolutely no way I could give it up that easily, even I had to stay home. So, I’ve been doing yoga every morning and running every single evening. No excuses.

Fortunately, I have a treadmill so I have been making the most of it. I know I am can run outdoors but with all the current restrictions, I’m a bit paranoid about social distancing and how long I can be out for and how far I’m allowed to go etc. Plus, it’s quite pleasant to run with Netflix on in the background.

As for yoga, there are plenty of resources online. I’ve found Yoga Journal particularly helpful for asanas (poses) and Yoga with Adriene is great if you like having a teacher to guide you. With regards to meditation, I use Headspace and relaxing playlists on Spotify. There are tons available!

If you prefer more active workouts, I’ve found Joe Wicks’ videos easy to follow. It’s surprising how much his routines can wear you out, even the ones aimed at children (i.e. PE with Joe). Give them a go first thing in the morning if you need an endorphin boost! You’ll feel amazing all day, once you pick yourself up from being a sweaty heap on the floor.

Take care everyone, stay safe!

Taken before lockdown when wearing make-up wasn’t a myth

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