How my beauty routine has changed since lockdown

It’s been a while since I’ve written a beauty post but life in lockdown has made me realise how scaled down my grooming routine has become. Although I am looking forward to feeling glamourous again one day, I have been really enjoying giving my hair, skin and nails a break.


Before lockdown, I didn’t have the time or patience to let my hair dry naturally. But since lockdown, I haven’t picked up my hairdryer or curling tong once. To be honest, I keep my hair in good condition anyway so I haven’t noticed a huge difference but it’s been nice to avoid unnecessary heat. Luckily my hair is pretty much it’s natural colour at the moment so I don’t have a major problem with roots – I feel for those who do! I can’t wait for a good cut though.  


Annoyingly, my skin did suffer at the beginning of lockdown. I had dry areas and a couple of breakouts, which seemed to last forever. So, I stopped overloading with products, kept things simple by cleansing twice a day and moisturising before bed and it’s absolutely fine now. Since I’ve got a natural tan from sitting in the garden (with SPF, of course), I haven’t needed to apply fake tan either. No scrubbing off patches or staining my white bedding, it’s been great!  


I wore a bit of make-up during the first week of lockdown purely for Zoom meetings with work but I haven’t bothered since. As long as my face is clean, who cares?! Not wearing make-up has saved so much time and effort and I don’t haven’t to worry if I accidentally rub my eye or blow my nose and wipe off half my foundation. My dark circles are out in force but there are bigger things in the world to worry about right now. My eyebrows are also overgrown but it’ll be worth it when I can have them shaped again.


I usually paint my nails every week and my toenails every couple of weeks but I haven’t bothered at all during the lockdown. Instead, I’ve just kept them tidy and used a nail strengthener to keep them strong. It’s strange seeing my fingers and feet without colour but it’s also been good to leave them alone. Back-to-back manicures and pedicures probably aren’t the best – you should let your nails breathe.

And some things I haven’t given up!


I don’t see the point in letting perfume go to waste, especially if it’s expensive! I like to smell good whether I’m in the house all day or not.

Lip balm/lipstick

I know I said that I haven’t worn make-up but lipstick is the only exception. I’ve been loving mixing it with a little lip balm to perk up my bare complexion on days where I look extra tired.

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  1. 27th October 2020 / 9:42 am

    Amazing article Dear. I love your blog I don’t have words to say What I feel here on your page.Thanks Shanaya

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