Focusing on the things I can control

Last weekend, I was fed-up of feeling a bit ‘meh’. So I said to myself that I was going to have a good week. Generally, I’m a happy and upbeat person but sometimes I do feel down, especially if I’m anxious or stressed about something.

But as I said, I was fed-up of feeling down so I decided to make the most of the week ahead. I set myself small, achievable goals and directed any negative thoughts to positive ones. Instead of stressing about what I couldn’t control, I focused on things I could control.

For example, I can’t control the weather or traffic. I can’t control what others say, what others do or how others think. Worrying about all the above is a complete waste of time and energy. Don’t get me wrong, there will be times when I still worry about them.

Taking control of your life
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It’s YOUR life

However, my main priority is to focus on the parts of my life that I can control. And the more I focus, the more I realise how much I can actually control. Like how I interpret situations, how I act on my feelings, how much sleep I get, how many new things I try, how much exercise I get.

If my schedule is busy, I try and have an early night, eat properly, stay hydrated, prepare as much as possible and be kind to myself. If I’m feeling demotivated, I do things which will make me feel inspired again. Like finding a new hobby, joining a new fitness class or reading influential books.

aking control of your life blog post by Georgia Hathaway
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Once I start taking control and paying attention to my choices, decisions and emotions, I feel so much better in myself. I know it sounds obvious! But taking responsibility for your own life is so empowering.

So if you’re feeling ‘meh’ yourself, start taking control. I guarantee it’s one of the best things you’ll do.


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  1. 11th February 2018 / 7:45 pm

    Thanks, Georgia. This is so true! I am always speaking (and writing) about taking care of ourselves through rest, sleep, exercise, personal development, etc… and like you, I feel that it sounds obvious, yet we ALL need these daily reminders. I appreciate it when I see a well-being reminder such as “Drink more water” or “Have an early night”. It really helps!! x x

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