My fitness routine; how I keep in shape

I get asked often how do I keep in shape so I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you about my fitness routine.

As you may know, I used to do a lot of cardio. Mainly running and cycling. These types of activities keep me fit and active but they also make me lose weight quite quickly. And since I’m already petite, I don’t particularly want to be any smaller.

Strength training

Admittedly, I used to avoid weights in fear that they would make me bulky. This is one of the biggest myths ever! Lifting weights actually shapes your body, rather than making it bigger. It also improves your body composition and boosts metabolism. I wish I started sooner!

My fitness routine and how I keep in shape
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I try to do strength training 3-4 times a week at the LC gym. My workout includes training my arms, legs, back, bum and core. I won’t bore you with my exact routine, reps and weights but if you’d like to know more detail, please get in touch.

To be honest, I enjoy most of my routine. My favourite is working my legs and core. My legs are strengthening well and my stomach tones up pretty quickly. It’s nice to see them both progress! But in fairness, it’s good to see my body tone up in general.


I still do cardio when I can. I’ve got a 10k in September and a full marathon next year so I can’t just abandon running. And I walk 10k+ steps every day so that helps keep my fitness levels up. I love going for long walks when the weather is dry, especially coastal paths!

My fitness routine and how I keep in shape


I’d recommend classes too. My favourites are spin and yoga. Spin is fast-paced and energetic while yoga is the complete opposite. Don’t underestimate yoga though, it’s actually pretty difficult! I wouldn’t mind trying Pilates or CrossFit soon. It’s just making the time to fit even more in!

What do you do to keep in shape? I’d love to know about your fitness routine!

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