What’s next for my fitness routine?

Now that I’ve completed my 100 days of running, I’ve been thinking what to do next with regards to fitness. I’ve kept up the running but I’m not particularly keeping score. I’ve probably had two days off since 1st July, which has made me feel incredibly guilty. But I suppose it’s better to rest than overdo it. Running is just the easiest way to keep fit while the gym is closed.

To weight or not to weight?

Anyway, I attempted to buy weights at the beginning of lockdown but they were sold out everywhere and now that lockdown is easing, I don’t know whether it’s worth investing or not. I’ve been using big bottles of detergent as weights which aren’t ideal but they do the job.

Now that the five-mile rule has relaxed, I would love to go further afield. Wales has three national parks so it would be amazing to visit them. Snowdonia looks stunning and I’d love to visit Portmeirion while I’m there. I bought new hiking boots earlier in the year and I’ve barely got to wear them. 

Coastal walks

Having said, there are loads of gorgeous walks where I live so I’m not missing out too much. NOTHING beats the Gower Peninsula on a sunny day. It was Britain’s first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and it’s easy to see why. Cliffs, woodlands and beaches that wouldn’t look out of place on a postcard. There’s no place like home!  

I’m desperate to give surfing a go too. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do it but the fear of the ocean has held me back. A snorkelling ordeal on holiday as a teenager really put me off swimming in the sea. I don’t swim much anymore either so I could do with some confidence lessons but again, it’s difficult with the swimming pools closed.

Still, no excuse! I can take baby steps at the beach. I’m not expecting to become a pro surfer but overcoming the fear of the water, standing up on the board and catching a few small waves is enough for me. Maybe I should try paddle boarding first!  

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