Postcards from Mykonos: turning 32 in Greece

In September, Sam took me away to the beautiful Mykonos for my 32nd birthday. I wasn’t really expecting to go abroad this year, so it was a wonderful gesture. He is the sweetest and most doting man. What a way to celebrate! This is more of a photo diary than anything but you can find snippets about our trip below.

Sunrise from our hotel room. Waking up to this every morning was a treat!
Getting lost in the narrow, cobbled streets. Don’t be fooled by the peace, it gets so busy at night!
We had to stop our quad bike and snap this red-domed beauty! One of many magnificent churches.
Taking advantage of the last rays of daylight!
The iconic Mykonos windmills – which can be seen from every point of the village
The idyllic Little Venice, a slice of Italy in Greece!
A popular photography spot in Mykonos town – I waited patiently to get a shot!
Another colourful souvenir shop, this one particularly eye-catching!

An easy-going break

As we’ve both got a lot going on, I wanted it to be more relaxed than our usual busy getaways. But saying that, we still managed to do loads of exploring, walking and sightseeing! We also went on a boat trip to World Heritage Site, Delos, and hired a quad bike to travel around the island so it wasn’t completely chilled!

Delos – one of the most important mythological and archaeological sites in Greece
Exploring Delos island. Definitely worth the boat trip! Bag gifted by Joy the Store

Picture perfect

With its bright white buildings, sparkling blue sea and turquoise skies, Mykonos is every bit the picturesque island you’d imagine. Coloured wooden doors, stunning churches, pretty chapels and purple bougainvilleas make it all the more beautiful. While chic cafes, designer boutiques and fine jewellery shops line the cobbled streets and add to the decadence.

He does love Mykonos indeed! Another great photo spot.
Catching another sunset before dinner! Green playsuit gifted from Joy the Store
We never got bored of this view!

A chic getaway

It is an undeniably chic and upscale destination, attracting a diverse and outgoing crowd. It reminds me very much of Ibiza (with a more sophisticated vibe) and even though I’ve never been, I expect Marbella is similar. Think luxury, glamour and style! Plus, if you want to party, Paradise Beach is the place to be. It’s not our scene but if you like that sort of thing, it’s perfect!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – spoilt as usual by my lovely Sam
Blue dress gifted by Yumi. This was my birthday look!
Of course, Sam had to have a pose too! Handsome as ever!

Greek dining

And if you’re a foodie like me, it’s heaven! Fresh seafood, olive oil, Greek salad, feta cheese and baklava were my staples. We ate in so many different restaurants but I highly recommend Kastros in Little Venice and Kounelas Fish Tavern, which was so good we went back twice! I can’t stop thinking about the coconut syrup cake I had at our hotel either. Mykonos View, can you please send to Wales?

The view from Kastros restaurant – one of the best places we ate in
Another evening, another menu!

To summarise

Would I go back to Mykonos? Absolutely! For me, it was a delightful introduction to Greece. I loved the people (so hospitable), the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the sheer beauty. Everywhere we went was just so pretty! I’d take a few more layers next time as it was very windy/cold at night but it wouldn’t stop me from going back again during the cooler autumn months. I’d just pack better! It’s definitely made me want to explore more of Greece, the question is: which island next?

Got to get those flowers in!
Dress gifted by Yumi – so comfortable to wear!
There’s something about a Greek sunset!

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