Having confidence with my style featuring ASOS

When I was a kid, I had a bright multi-coloured stripe jumper from Tammy Girl (of course!) which I was obsessed with. It had a roll neck, long sleeves and sparkly thread running through the rainbow stripes. I wore it everywhere!

One day, I wore it whilst shopping with my dad and someone yelled out sarcastically “Nice jumper” and laughed as I walked past them. I was mortified and couldn’t get home quick enough. My dad told me to ignore them but I couldn’t get the comment out of my head and I didn’t wear the jumper again.

Growing up, I couldn’t believe that I let a stupid comment stop me from wearing something I loved and so I told myself that I wouldn’t let it happen again.

ASOS floral mesh dress
Dress, ASOS. Bracelet and rings, jewellerybox.co.uk

Since then, I’m far more confident with my style. I wear whatever and I like and couldn’t care less about what other people think. It’s my body, not theirs!

Now, I’m all for clothes which stand out. This lace floral dress was one of those pieces which I had to have. I ordered it from ASOS straightaway! I love that it’s both edgy and pretty at the same. My perfect combination!

I think the sheer mesh looks cool while the embroidered floral detail keeps things girly. The close-cut bodycon fit is flattering while the bodysuit is really comfortable to wear. It’s nice to wear long sleeves too!

ASOS floral mesh dress
Life is too short to wear boring clothes!

I wouldn’t normally wear a dress this length I have to admit that it makes a change. It’s also nice to show my pins but not have them out completely, if that makes sense!

Do you care what others think of your style? Would you wear this ASOS lace floral dress?

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