Approaching 30 and dressing more conservatively (but still stylish!)

As I write this, I’m having fond (but cringeworthy) flashbacks of outfits from my early twenties. A time when I happily wore bodycon, ‘spray on’ trousers, mini skirts and crop tops with aplomb. I’ve never been particularly body-conscious but I really didn’t care back then. The tighter the better! Is it revealing enough? Does my stomach look flat? Make it shorter! Basically, I just wanted to show off my 20 year old figure as much as I could.

A more grown-up style

Fast forward ten years and my attitude towards dressing couldn’t be more different. I want to add more clothing, not take away. I’m not interested in revealing clothes or showing off my body as such. At the risk of sounding like a complete Grandma, I’m all about comfort. Not to mention dressing suitably for the weather. The thought of going on a night out in winter, wearing next to nothing makes me recoil! I completely understand my mum’s insistence on taking a jacket everywhere now. 

Nowadays, I like to be covered up and let the clothes do the talking rather than my body. Like I mentioned in a previous blog post, being stylish isn’t about looking “sexy”. In my opinion, you can still have sex appeal in a long skirt and jumper. It’s not about how little clothing that you have on, it’s about confidence and HOW you wear things.

I think there’s a lot to be said for dressing conservatively. For me, it’s part of being a respectable adult who’s got herself together. One who gets on with life no matter what it throws at her, manages her finances, sticks to a schedule, keeps on top of appointments, saves for a big house deposit, prioritises her loved ones and tries to be the most productive nearly 30 year old she can be.

But that’s just my viewpoint. At the end of the day, age is just a number and you can wear whatever you darn well want to. Don’t let anyone dictate how you should dress, including myself. You can rock a crop top at 19 or 39. I’m just explaining my own way of thinking.

Hopefully you’ll see where I’m coming from? Let me know your thoughts! 

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