Thomas Sabo Magic Stars collection

Recently, I was invited to St David’s shopping centre to celebrate the Thomas Sabo store turning 10 and the launch of their Magic Stars collection.

First of all, I adore the idea of a ‘magic’ jewellery collection. There’s something quite spiritual about moon and star symbols and as someone who loves the idea of finding purpose in life (deep I know!), these symbols are a gorgeous reminder to keep on searching. I would say keep ‘reaching for the stars’ but that is too cheesy even for me.

As worn by singer Rita Ora who is also the new face of the brand, the collection is full of unique designs, bright jewel colours and statement pieces. Think lucky charms, cat motifs and an oversized multi-coloured cross which is definitely a conversation starter. While it looks amazing on Rita, I’m not sure I could pull it off.

However, I was immediately drawn to the Royalty Star necklace. I love that it’s super sparkly but also has a vintage feel to it. The different sized chain links are eye-catching too. I’ve actually wanted a new necklace for a while. Something that’s sparkly yet wearable and goes with everything so I don’t have to think about changing my jewellery all the time.

It was fate (or written in the stars), that the kind team at Thomas Sabo gifted me this very necklace because it’s a big collection and there are lots to choose from. It was either that or the dangly star earrings but I went for the former, as I wanted a new necklace anyway.

To co-ordinate with the cosmic theme, the store manager Keanen wrapped the necklace up for me in stunning monogrammed packaging which was a lovely touch. I believe the gift-wrapping service is running up to Christmas, so that’s one less thing to worry about!    

I have to mention Keanen too – he was professional, knowledgeable and friendly, which is exactly what you want in retail. Especially when you’re looking for a nice gift or just treating yourself. I know retail gets busy around this time of year, but I like people who make me feel special even if it’s their job. And Keanen did just that.

So a huge thank you to Thomas Sabo for making me feel a little more magical. I can’t recommend their service enough.

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