Creating my space: simple with splashes of colour

As I still live at home (I’m ready to buy a house but I’m too fussy – story of my life!), my bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s my place of calm and tranquillity and somewhere I only use for relaxing and sleeping. I avoid doing any kind of work in there and I go to the dressing room to get ready, do my hair and make-up etc. I don’t like the look of TVs in bedrooms so I have a projector which I can put away when I’m finished.

As it’s not strictly ‘my’ house, there are limitations on what I can do with the room but I’m happy with the way it looks. I’m a big fan of white walls and white bedding. It’s clean, fuss-free and you can always add splashes of colour with furniture, wall prints, rugs and throws. I have to have colour somewhere, even if it’s only in small doses. I plan on doing the same with my own house. Simple interior with pops of colour.

I decided to keep the room fairly minimal as I didn’t know how long I’ll be with my parents for and I didn’t want to put too much effort in if I was going to be moving out anyway. As with my clothes, I prefer to have a few key pieces rather than loads of ‘stuff’ for the sake of it. I don’t like too much clutter but there’s a line between minimal and bare. It’s nice to have some bits to show some personality and give the room some character.

I like to give a fashion-feel to my personal space and prints are a perfect way to do that. The Coco print not only pays homage to the designer but also to my dog and my favourite perfume, which is my mum’s favourite too. The Prada one was inspired by the TV show Gossip Girl where one of the character’s has a huge version in her Upper East Side apartment.

I borrow most of my books from the library now so they’re never around for long but I like to have some on display. Most of these were given to me as gifts which makes them extra special. They are books I can pick up anytime no matter what mood I’m in and feel inspired again. I adore flowers too as they make any room look pretty. I have fresh bouquets sometimes but fake ones are obviously easier to maintain.

You might notice little dishes and trinket boxes dotted around. I find them useful for storing everything from hair clips to earrings to essential oils like you see above. Again, most of them are gifts so they remind me of the lovely people who bought them for me. Plants are an inexpensive and easy way to perk up a room too. I love the contrast between the white walls and the green leaves.

What are your favourite ways to make your space your own?

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