Beach style

I wore a bikini from Primark to the beach this week. I don’t usually buy bikinis’ from there as I find them ill-fitting, especially the bikini tops. However, as this one was more like a crop top rather than a bandeau or bra, it fitted me quite well.

A picture of a girl wearing a Primark multi-coloured bandeau bikini
Bikini and sunglasses, Primark

The frill is great for giving the illusion of curves and the colours are gorgeous – they look great with a tan. Best of all, the set only cost £7! The rest of my bikinis are about £35-£40 a set and as lovely as they all are, I’d definitely consider browsing for cheaper options now because at the end of the day, they fade in the sun and get ruined by salt water and chlorine anyway!

Having said that, I do think it’s good to pay a bit extra sometimes to get a good fit and not to have the same as everyone else – you can tell a Primark bikini a mile off on holiday because there are about ten girls wearing the same one!

I’ve learned not to take expensive sunglasses to the beach either because they can get scratched easily by the sand. This pair was only £2, again from Primark, so I don’t mind if they get damaged.

Hope you’re enjoying the weather where you are!


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