Manicure and pedicure at Ener-chi, Radyr

This week, the fabulous staff at Ener-chi in Radyr invited me to have a manicure and pedicure. My nails needed a bit of TLC so I was more than happy to be pampered.

It was a freezing cold day in Cardiff but the salon was lovely and warm. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the staff, including my therapists Holly and Sammy, who explained what they were going to do during the treatments. Holly did my pedicure while Sammy was on manicure duty. As ever, the treatment room was spotlessly clean, tidy and inviting.

A treatment room in the Ener-chi beauty salon in Radyr

Firstly, my feet were soaked in warm water and gently exfoliated. The scrub smelled gorgeous and I felt really relaxed – a great sign! Then Holly began to push back the cuticles on my toenails, file off any dry skin and generally make my feet soft. She also massaged them, which was heavenly!

Meanwhile, Sammy worked on my hands. She soaked them in warm water and exfoliated them. Then, she started on my nails by applying cuticle oil, pushing the cuticles back and clipping them. Removing the cuticles makes such a difference to your nails, they look much healthier afterwards!

Equipment and tools used the manicure and pedicure
The tools used were clean and sanitised

Sammy asked what shape I would like my nails. I don’t have a preference so on her recommendation, I chose squoval, a hybrid of an oval and square. Holly also asked what shape I would like for my toenails but again, I didn’t mind. As long as they were neat, I was happy!

Both girls buffed my nails and removed any ridges so the nails were smooth before polish. Now was the tricky part – picking colours. There were lots of fabulous OPI and Orly shades to choose from, it took me a while to decide! But the girls were so patient. They even pointed out colours which were popular with other clients, which was useful. I’m always interested to know what other people go for!

A selection of OPI and Orly nail polishes
Decisions, decisions!

In the end, I opted for Pink Chocolate on my toes and Country Club Khaki, both by Orly. Pink Chocolate is a pinky brown colour, which suited my skin tone well.

A picture showing feet after pedicure wearing pinky brown nail polish
No mean feet!

Country club Khaki is a subtle light grey colour which is neutral, versatile and will co-ordinate with any outfit. After applying the polish, the girls applied a top coat for extra shine.

A picture showing nails after manicure wearing grey nail varnish
A nail colour that’s great for everyday wear

Overall, I was very impressed with my treatments. My nails looked neat and perfectly groomed. As for the salon itself, it’s always a pleasure to visit. From the minute I arrived, the caring and kind staff made me feel welcome. Holly and Sammy were a particular highlight this week – they were fun and friendly but professional. Until next time, ladies!





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