25 things I’ve learned by 25

When August comes around, I start to think about my birthday in September. I’ll be 26 this year and while that’s still a young age, I’m totally aware that I’m heading into my late twenties. Weird!

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You’ll learn to love your body too!

The following is a non-exhaustive list of things that I know to be true for myself and maybe for some other women who are no longer in their early twenties (sob). In other words, 25 things I’ve learned by 25. Here goes!

  1. Experience is better than education. Sure, a degree is great but have a good think about whether going to uni will be worth the time, effort and expense. If you want to go into profession that requires a degree such as medicine or law, then fine. But if you’re after a career in a creative field, nothing can substitute experience.
  2. Less is more. Tone down the fake tan, ditch the thick false eyelashes and get a haircut/colour that suits you rather than the latest fad.
  3. It’s better to have a few close friends than numerous shallow friendships.
  4. Invest in quality clothing you can wear again and again. Trends come and go but classic designs and colours are timeless. Stock up on basics, they’ll be lifesavers.
  5. You could be the loveliest person in the world and there will still be someone who doesn’t like you. Learn to accept this as soon as possible and you’ll save yourself a lot of worry.
  6. Focus on making memories rather than acquiring materialistic things. That brand new car will depreciate in value as soon as you drive it out of the dealership. Memories are priceless.
  7. You will achieve more pushing yourself and doing things out of your comfort zone rather than taking the easy option. Be brave. Take risks.
  8. You can’t control everything but you can be control how you deal with a situation.
  9. Family is crucial. You spent your teens trying to be cool and acting like you don’t need mum and dad but later you realise how much you do need them. Enjoy the time you spend with your parents, they still have a lot to teach you.
  10. If you want something, whether it be a house, a family or a career, make a plan and work on it constantly. It won’t come to you if you’re just floating through each day. Be proactive.
  11. You probably know of someone who has passed away at a young age, which will make you realise that life is short and you’re not as invincible as you think.
  12. Find a balance between work and play. If you’re lucky, you will spend a lot of your life working. Make sure that you indulge in a hobby to give your mind a break from the daily routine.
  13. Your goals will change. Your life doesn’t have to look the way you imagined it would at 18. It turns out, things rarely work out exactly the way you once thought you wanted them to anyway. That’s not a bad thing.
  14. While your parents think they know what’s best for you, they aren’t always right. Only YOU know what’s best for you.
  15. Be less concerned about others peoples’ opinions of you. Do they matter? Nope.
  16. Growing apart from childhood/school friends is inevitable. Friendship can’t be forced so learn to let people go who you don’t have anything in common with anymore.
  17. However, true friendship will always find a way to continue even if you go for months or years without seeing that person.
  18. You will learn to appreciate things like museums, art galleries, nature and architecture which might have bored the hell out of you as a teenager.
  19. Meeting up with your friends for coffee or dinner is just as fulfilling as going on a night out with them. You don’t have to get wasted to have fun.
  20. Don’t rush getting engaged and having children just because everyone else is doing it. Do things your own way and at your own pace, there’s plenty of time to settle down.
  21. Stop judging yourself. At a certain point you just have to realise that no one gives a damn nearly as much as you do about your “flaws”.
  22. Remember when you thought ‘adults’ knew everything? They haven’t got a clue, they’re just winging it.
  23. Embrace the qualities about you that you think are weird. They’re the only things that separate you from everyone else.
  24. Be your own cheerleader. Take note of your own progress, your perseverance and your inner strength. Be affirming and kind to yourself.
  25. And most importantly, enjoy the ride! You’re still very young in the grand scheme of things and have the rest of your to life to live.


  1. 11th August 2015 / 7:35 pm

    Amazing list. I feel like I could have written so many of the same things, especially when it comes to friendship and enjoying life.

    • Georgia
      12th August 2015 / 4:58 pm

      So glad you agree Mia and so glad I’m not the only one feeling these things! Thank you for reading :)

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