Rokit Nail Polish Professional Home Salon Kit

I don’t begrudge having my nails done at a salon because I see it as ‘me time’ However, I do begrudge repainting my nails after two days because they’ve chipped. So annoying!

So when Rokit sent me their gel polish kit, I was excited to try it out. I’ve had gel nails done professionally before and been impressed with them. They lasted almost three weeks and even made my nails grow to a decent length without snapping!

A picture of Rokit Nail Polish Professional Home Salon Kit, Harrods magazine, grey nails and Pandora rings
Long-lasting nails done at home? Good job, Rokit!

I was looking forward to recreating them at home with Rokit. Unlike other gel polish products, there’s no primer, base coat or top coat. Just paint with the uniquely formulated gel polish and cure using the LED lamp. The lamp even has a timer so you know exactly how long to cure your nails for!

I used the 1 Step Gel polish in Mochachino (light grey) but the kit comes with Shock Pink (hot pink), which provides 10 complete manicures. You can buy additional nail polish colours for £14.99 each – I want to try Bordeaux Red, Poppy and Dusky Lilac!

The kit includes full instructions but to briefly explain, you paint your nails with the first coat and cure for 1 minute before painting the second coat and curing for 2.5 minutes. You have to time yourself for the first coat but for the second coat, you can rely on the timer. I recommend applying thinly otherwise they take longer to cure and might smudge!

A picture of DIY grey gel nails and Pandora rings
Not a bad first effort!

The result is long-lasting and super shiny nails. Rokit claims that the polish lasts for up to 14 days but I found them to last about a week before starting to chip. This is still way better than standard nail polish though!

Removing the polish wasn’t too much of a hassle. I soaked them with the “Remove” solution supplied and the polish flaked away. My nails were fine underneath; I just needed a few drops of nail oil to hydrate them again!

Overall, Rokit gel nails are simple to apply, simple to remove, kind to your nails and longer lasting than standard nail polish. There isn’t a huge range of colours available but there are enough to keep you going for a while! While I do miss the salon experience, it’s quite satisfying doing my nails in the comfort of my home. And I’m saving money too!

*Rokit kindly sent this kit for me to try but you can buy it here.







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