Things I’m looking forward to this September

September is my favourite month of the year. I love the crisp but sunny mornings, fresh air, falling leaves, hot drinks and bare legs with ankle boots.  It’s officially leather jacket season and Fashion Month. It’s also the month of my birthday and both my parents’ birthdays. First my dad, then me then my mum.

Things to look forward to in September featuring the Vesper247 red Poppy dress
Dress by Vesper247

For me, September is a fresh start. It’s the month I say goodbye to the summer and look forward to what the next few months will bring. No matter how old I get, it will always remind me of starting school. New term, new beginning and all that. I think that idea is still with me even though I left school 12 years ago!

What will September bring?

This month, I’ve got a few things to look forward to. First of all, I got a new car and I absolutely love it. It’s a white Fiat 500 Lounge with black and cream interior, dogtooth seats and a glass roof. It’s cute, chic and suits me down to the ground. I never thought I’d get so enthusiastic about alloy wheels! I’m sure it’ll feature on here and my Instagram soon so keep an eye out.

Later this month, I’ll be starting a part-time make-up course at college. I’ve always gone down the academic route when it comes to education so I’m looking forward to doing a course that’s a bit more laid-back and fun. At the moment, I’m treating it as a hobby as I work full-time, blog and go to the gym 3-4 times a week but I wouldn’t say no if it turns into more. I’m excited to get another skill under my belt.

With regards to my birthday plans, I’ll be going away to Bristol with the uni girls for the weekend. I’m looking forward to relaxing at the pool during the day and then getting dressed up for a night out. Additionally, I’m hoping to go for lunch with my other group of girlfriends too. And to celebrate both of our birthdays, my mum and I are going for a spa weekend at the Celtic Manor. I cannot WAIT for a massage!

What are you looking forward to?


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