Colour refresh; From brunette to balayage

I haven’t been bored of my hair for a while but over the past few weeks, I’ve not been feeling it at all. Although I’ve loved being brunette, I’m totally ready for a new colour. Something lighter and fresher for the summer.

I didn’t want a major colour overhaul so I opted for balayage to give my hair a refresh. What’s great about balayage is that it gives a really soft and natural look without the harsh regrowth lines. In fact, I think it looks better as your hair grows!

Balayage hair

Balayage is ideal for summer as it gives a lovely sunkissed effect. Total beach babe vibes! I’ve gone for lots of honey and caramel tones to add some warmth and dimension. I love the multi-tonal finish, I think it makes my hair look thicker.

And I’ve also had some layers put in. Although I must admit, you can’t really see them. I’ll probably go back to the salon in a few weeks and have them cut shorter. It’s much easier to get volume and bounce with short layers!

Balayage hair
Jeans: Topshop. Shoes, River Island. Bag, Mulberry. Top & bangle, Coast. Sunglasses, Gucci

Apart from the layers not being very obvious, I’m quite pleased with how my hair turned out. It’s just what I wanted – a subtle change but enough to make a difference. It gave me a bit of a confidence boost too. Recently, I’ve been feeling demotivated and a colour change has inspired me again.

So that’s my little hair update. As I mentioned, I’d like to have shorter layers for better volume but I’m happy with it for now. Eventually, I might have some more highlights put in to freshen up the blonde but again, I’m happy with the way it looks at the moment.

Balayage hair

What do you think of the mop change? Did you prefer my hair dark or with balayage?


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