No January Blues here! Why I’ve had a great start to the year

Normally, I hate January and spend the entire month waiting for it to be over. But this year, I’ve not only enjoyed it but had a productive and satisfying month too.

Instead of falling into the trap of letting the cold, darkness and post-Christmas misery take over, I’ve used it as an opportunity to plan, prepare and organise for the year ahead.

 Back to the gym

I started back at the gym which felt great after a few weeks of indulgence in December. Personally, I feel that I’ve got some way to go before I achieve my fitness goals but that’s just me being a perfectionist. To stop putting unnecessary pressure on myself, I’ve created a weekly workout plan which includes rest days to recover and remember that I’m doing the best I can. 

Keeping my finances in check

When it comes to finances, I like to keep top of them as much as possible. I’ve reviewed my savings plan, created a realistic budget for the year, monitored my credit report, sorted my self-assessment, filed my tax return, checked my pension scheme and made a new investment, which I’m excited about. Sad I know but I get a kick out of being financially stable.

Travel plans

Anyway, back to the fun stuff before I morph into an accountant! Luis and I are hoping to have a couple of trips abroad this year so I’ve renewed my passport ready for us to book. Nothing extravagant as we’re both saving but certainly a European getaway or two. We discussed visiting his dad in Australia but we want to do it properly so perhaps next year.

Blogging triumphs

With regards to my blog, I’ve had a really positive start. I don’t want to reveal too much yet but I’ve got some brilliant collaborations coming up including one of my favourite high street brands, a luxury British brand, an award-winning skin clinic and one of my favourite hotels.  And it’s only January! I can’t wait to see how February turns out.

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