Growing out coloured hair

Girl with long hair growing out the colour
Just the one glass, please!

I haven’t had my hair coloured since November 2013. While ten months doesn’t sound very long, it’s a big change for someone who’s had their hair coloured since they were 13. I’m 25 next week so that means nearly 12 years of colouring. Plus, I was blonde up until I was 24 so that meant years of lightening. My hair condition has never really suffered as I’m fanatical about looking after it (trims, deep conditioning treatments, rarely using heat appliances, covering it up in the sun etc) but colouring it had taken its toll on my sanity.

When I had highlights, spending up to six hours in the hairdressers with about 100 foils stuck to my head was not the most thrilling way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Not to mention I used to spend £60-£80 a time. Then there was the constant maintenance afterwards. The shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to stop blonde hair fading aren’t cheap. And I had to have them – fear of brassy blonde was a genuine phobia of mine.

In September 2013, I had my hair coloured dark brown. Although it came out far too dark, it made a surprisingly nice change. I looked older and a bit more serious after being blonde through my childhood, teens and undergraduate uni years. Plus, it was nice to wear clothes in colours that would have made me look washed out before – like gold, cream, nude and yellow!

I had my hair coloured again in November 2013 as I wanted it to look fresh for Christmas. And I haven’t bothered since. It’s now faded to a light brown with flashes of blonde coming through from my previous highlights. The roots have grown about 4.5 inches but it doesn’t look obvious as my natural hair is a dirty dark blonde/light brown colour anyway so it all blends well together.

Sporting the tousled look
Sporting the tousled look

I’d never say that I won’t have my hair coloured again but for now I’m happy to keep growing it out. If you’re deciding whether or not you’d like to do the same, read on for the advantages:

1. It’ll save you an absolute fortune. Now I just spend £30 on a simple cut and blow-dry instead of almost triple the price on a cut, colour and blow-dry.

2. It saves time. Now I spend an hour in the salon instead of six. IT’S A DREAM.

3. You’ll get to actually see what your actual hair colour is like again. When I was 13, I thought my natural dirty dark blonde/light brown locks were ugly. I wish I left it alone all those years ago because it’s the colour that suits me the most. Don’t underestimate what you already have!

4. Your hair will be in much better condition all round. No bleaching or colouring = less damage. And nothing looks better than healthy hair.

5. Roots aren’t as frowned upon nowadays thanks to the ombré/dip dye trend. This means that you can grow out your hair to your heart’s content in the name of fashion, DARRRLING!


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