Burger & Lobster Cardiff review

Burger & Lobster is one of the latest in a line of cool food brands to have come to Cardiff recently. Having opened in December 2014, it’s not exactly brand spanking new but I still consider it as a relatively new dining concept to the Welsh capital.

A picture of Burger & Lobster
A great addition to the Hayes in Cardiff

It is located on the top floor of the old Habitat building on the Hayes, next door to Miller & Carter. Contrastingly, Burger & Lobster’s dining space is quite funky as opposed to M&C’s upmarket steakhouse image. Graffiti art, DJ decks, neon light signs and retro interior all contribute to B&L’s hipster vibe.

DJ decks on a bike
Contemporary meets old-school cool

The menu keeps it simple. As the name suggests, there are two options of a burger or lobster with fries, salad and butter sauce at a flat rate of £20 each. You can also have a half a burger and half a lobster if you can’t decide – for at a higher price of £30.

There are a few ways you can have your lobster – grilled, steamed or in a brioche roll. Phil and I both ordered steamed lobster.

A picture of lobster, fries and salad
Tasty and fresh lobster for £20!

Once we had cracked and picked our way to the lobster meat, we weren’t disappointed. The meat was sweet, tender and delicious. The accompanying butter complemented the dish well and also made a great dipping sauce to the otherwise lacklustre fries.

So what’s the conclusion?

While I think that simple menu concept is clever, it baffles me at the same time. If you like burgers, lobster or both – fantastic! Book a table pronto!

But what if you don’t? I know that the obvious solution would be not to eat there but I found it slightly bizarre there weren’t more options. But then again, I suppose that the simplicity is the whole point and who the heck am I to question it anyway? I love lobster!

As for the price, £20 is a complete bargain for a lobster but I can’t say the same for a burger. For all I know, the burger could taste incredible but twenty quid seems a bit steep.

If you’ve got a weakness for lobster then I’d highly recommend B&L, purely for its value for money. But if you haven’t and don’t want to pay £20 for a burger, then perhaps dine elsewhere!

*Please note that food was complimentary as I was invited to review.

Burger & Lobster, unit 2, 9-11 The Hayes, Cardiff, CF10 1AH. Tel: 02920224044.



  1. tastethevirus
    31st May 2015 / 4:36 pm

    Oh woow, the lobster looks incredible! This has been on my list of places to try in Cardiff and your review is just wanting me go, like, yesterday…

    Charlotte – redlipsreallife.wordpress.com xx

    • Georgia
      1st June 2015 / 2:09 pm

      Haha I’m glad to have tempted you Charl. Definitely give it a go if you get the chance! :)

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