Grungy glam ft. ASOS and Zara

In the past, I’ve struggled to give an answer when people ask me what my style is. Then, as I was scrolling through my Instagram one day, I realised. My style is minimal or floral in spring/summer and grungy glam in autumn/winter.

Although I really like minimal and floral looks, I’d say that I’m most comfortable in grungy glam outfits. I feel like they’re the most ‘me’. Having said that, I feel ‘me’ in minimal outfits or florals too.

But anyway, I think I love grungy glam because it’s so easy to wear and looks effortlessly cool. I get to wear my favourite fabrics; leather and lace. It also includes a lot of key black pieces to toughen things up.

Grungy glam style. ASOS lace dress, Zara leather jacket
Dress, ASOS. Jacket, Zara. Boots, Kurt Geiger.

Plus, it’s ideal because you don’t have to look too pristine either. It doesn’t matter if my boots are worn-in and my hair is a little messy – it all adds to the look!

This outfit is a perfect example of my grungy glam style. I bought the dress from ASOS a few months ago. It was shapeless when I unwrapped it from the box but fortunately, it looked so much better on!

Grungy glam style. ASOS lace dress, Zara leather jacket

I quite like the length too. It’s longer than I used to wear but as I get older, I much prefer looser, knee-length dresses. They feel more sophisticated than the short and tight dresses from my early twenties!

The jacket is a trusty number from Zara. I’ve got a few leather jackets but I try to save this one for ‘best’ as it’s smarter than the other ones I have. It’s more fitted and I try not to wear bulky jumpers underneath so I don’t stretch it.

Grungy glam style. ASOS lace dress, Zara leather jacket

As for the boots, they’re old and I’ve worn them a million times before but they’re so hard to resist! The chunky heel, quilted front and buckle design gives any outfit an edge.

How would you describe your style?

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