Blog goals for 2017; what I’d like to achieve

While I’m still in positive mode for the year ahead, I thought I’d note down things I’d like to achieve on the blog this year.

Blog goals for 2017

In 2016, I had a few blog goals which I achieved. These included creating good content, improving the quality of my images and continuing to work with great brands.

This year, my goals haven’t really changed. I just want to get better and better! Here’s what I’d like to achieve on my blog in 2017:

Create good content

In 2016, I stuck to mainly fashion and lifestyle content because it’s what I enjoy writing about the most. I still like beauty and will feature the occasional beauty post but as my passion is with fashion and lifestyle, they will be taking priority in 2017.

Keep improving my photography

I was pleased with my photos last year, especially during the last six months. I learned what lighting, angles, locations and poses worked for me as well as the overall look that I wanted to go for. In 2017, I want to carry on improving my photography so I’m just as happy with my images!

Continue to work with brands

I worked and built relationships with some brilliant brands last year. So in 2017, I want to do more of the same. I also attended as many meetings and events as I could last year so if I could also do that again, that would be brilliant.

Other blog goals include:

  • Promote myself more. I’m proud of what I do but since I’m quite a private person, I never like to overshare. I need to stop being so reserved and put myself out there more!
  • Building my social media following. I’d like to reach at least 4K followers each on Twitter and Instagram. I also need to create a Facebook page for my blog and start promoting on there.
  • Scheduling tweets religiously. I was great at doing this at the start of last year but then I began to slip. I want to make a habit of scheduling as much as possible!

What are your blog goals for 2017?





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