Layers & colour; how I’ve styled my outfits this winter

I’ve really enjoyed putting looks together this season. Instead of reaching for typical drab winter outfits, I’ve gone for plenty of layers, different prints, texture (hello corduroy!) and lots of colour.

I’m guilty for wearing too much black in the cold months. It’s easier isn’t it? You know where you are and it’s just so versatile. But let’s face it, black can be boring. And so can winter outfits. The weather is cold and miserable as it is, so I wanted to have some fun with my wardrobe.


It’s easy to throw a big coat on and be done with it. But layers are my not-so-secret way to add style instantly. For example, you can go wrong with jumpers under or over dresses, tights (plain, patterned or coloured) as well as scarves. And accessories of course, do not underestimate the power of a good belt or striking bag!


As much as I love black, I’ve needed some vibrancy in my outfits this season. I’ve loved combining beautiful shades of rust, camel, mustard and maroon for a rich, Autumn-inspired palette. One of my favourite looks has been this burgundy skirt with a camel knit, checked coat and mustard cross-body bag with gold jewellery. I adore the warm, mellow shades together.

Texture & print

Animal print has always been around but it’s definitely had another moment this A/W. I’m so glad snake print has been a thing too. It’s always been underrated until now! Not forgetting checks and plaid patterns – they’re perfect for this time of year. As for texture, my wardrobe has been filled with corduroy, faux fur, faux leather and satin! They’ve been adding intrigue and depth to my favourite outfits and making them really stand out.

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