Pretty Simple; The beauty goals I want to achieve in 2019

Whilst it’s important to have life/career development/family goals etc, it’s also nice to have less important but still personal objectives. I’ve chosen a few beauty goals which are a welcome break to my serious goals… View Post

Layers & colour; how I’ve styled my outfits this winter

I’ve really enjoyed putting looks together this season. Instead of reaching for typical drab winter outfits, I’ve gone for plenty of layers, different prints, texture (hello corduroy!) and lots of colour. I’m guilty for wearing… View Post

Nice to see you 2019! A few personal goals for the year ahead

I know they’re cliché but I actually like New Year’s resolution type posts. In the past, I used to think that they were cringey. But if they help people introduce positive changes to their life… View Post

Looking back on my achievements in 2018

I think it’s important to reflect on your achievements in life. In a society where we’re constantly expected to improve, it can be easy to forget what you’ve actually achieved already.  From time to time,… View Post

Sparkle & Shine; my favourite party outfit for Christmas

I think glitter is obligatory during the festive season. Surely it’s the first rule when it comes to dressing for Christmas parties. If you can’t dig out the sequins at this time of year, then… View Post